Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Graduation and Wedding Season!

Spring has sprung and it is a wonderful time of the year (except for the allergy sufferers!). And with the pollen, we have lots of excitement in the air; lots of folks are graduating and many happy couples are getting married. We have designed cards for both occasions in CougarPix. The graduation cards have the BYU seal on them and you can add your photo and tell the world who you are, when you are graduating, and anything else you'd like! Watch how easy it is... We also have designed a number of Wedding Cards. Again, these are easy to use in the CougarPix program. We have had a number of couples also design wedding sign-in books. They are very popular and look great! What a fun way to for all your visitors to wish you joy on your wedding day! Here's a quick video on making wedding cards... Visit CougarPix to download the program and get started!