Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

Well here we are at the end of another year!!! Holy cow they go by fast! Lots of fun and exciting things have taken place this year at BYU Print and Mail. We thought we would give our Top Ten events of what's taken place (though they might not all be "events").

So here we go:

1. This year we wanted to more involved with the students, so we accepted an invitation to have a table at New Student Orientation. WOW!!! It is exciting and a bit crazy trying to keep up with the hundreds and hundreds of students and parents, but it sure was fun!

2. We managed to revamp our website ( and made it easier to navigate and a bit more visually pleasing. We hope you like it and if you have any suggestions to make it better, please let us know.

3. The General Course Catalog, which was only available online, is now again available in print at You can choose to print the whole catalog or select just the sections you want, either way it's printed and bound with a beautiful cover and sent on its way.

4. To help save the students some money we offered 3¢ Blackboard printing at all our Print & Copy Centers. We even encouraged the faculty to "Be a Hero to Your Students" and remind their classes to use us.

5. Though we have always offered Christmas Cards on our website, this year we offered photo cards. You can now upload photos and enter text to create your personalized cards. Pretty sweet!

6. We braved it this year and had booths at Woman's Conference and Education Week. Thom and Paul handed out tons of information about Family History Printing, along with pounds of candy and chocolate. (Fat Free? No, Free Fat!!) We also were invited by Jim Kasen, one of the nicest people in the world, to participate in the Campus Showcase.  It was great to meet so many fellow BYU employees and share a little of what we do.

7. We entered the world of Social Networking by starting this blog (obviously!) and having a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We want to spread the Print & Mail love as much as possible! Search BYU Print and Mail on Facebook (Twitter, too) and become a "Liker". You know, Face book has a bizzillion dollars, you'd think they could come up with a better term!

8. Customer Appreciation Breakfast is an event that the staff here looks forward to each year. It is our time to say Thank You for using Print and Mail. We know you have options, so we want to say thanks for Keeping it on Campus! And we do apologize for Doug's immodest apron!

9. Did you get your calendar that we sent to all BYU employees? We had a bunch of different pictures on the front and used Variable Data Printing to personalize the back for each recipient. And we printed them on our new HP Indigo Digital Press to show off the beautiful quality it produces.  We also sent out real cool invitations for our open house. They flipped around when you pulled on them. Sweet!

10. Number Ten... Max Behling got his braces off!!! He really did, but Number Ten would be our Open House for our new Indigo Digital Press. We had hundreds and hundreds of employees show up. We were able to give out personalized recipe books and lots of samples printed on the Indigo showing its phenomenal quality. We also got to show everyone around the shop and we had a lot of really yummy refreshments!

So there you have a sampling of what's gone on this year at BYU Print and Mail. Stop in and see us sometime. We love visitors and would love to show you around.

Best Wishes for 2011!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning To Look...

The Print and Mail Christmas tree went up in our lobby right before we all left for the Thanksgiving holiday, to the utter chagrin of some. It turned out to be a good timing; the snowstorm right after Thanksgiving left a lot of snow and trying to maneuver the tree through a slushy parking lot would have been awful!

The lights and balls and other ornaments were all placed on the tree by Chris, Roma, and Kelsie. It was scary to see them on ladders and chairs reaching all over the tree. And who are all the gifts for that are under the tree? Hmm.

Anyway, we have a small closet (really small!!) that the holiday decorations are kept in, along with a bunch of other things. We watched as Kelsie just kept bringing more and more boxes of holiday decorations out of the closet. It was akin to seeing clowns keep coming out of a tiny car at the circus! Where did it all fit? 

We now have wreaths hanging on numerous doors and even some Christmas greenery along the top of the offices. It is so nice and helps to get you in the spirit of the season!

Stop by the UPB for some holiday cheer if you are close by. We may even be able to find some chocolate for you!

And if you haven't yet ordered your Christmas cards, well, what are you waiting for?! Check out our new site and try out the photo cards, or you can order our cards showing different scenes of campus, temples, or the snow-capped mountains. They are all very nice.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Print AND Mail

You know, sometimes we focus on all the creative things here that get printed, or on the innovative ideas and processes, yadda yadda, and don't give Mail Services the love they deserve! They are consistently, day after day, picking up and delivering packages and the mail all over campus.

Here's some info about Mail Services that you probably didn't know:

-They ship out an average of 600 packages via UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL every week. (That's NOT including all the Independent Study packs that go out Fed Ex every day!)

-Production mail prepares and sends out an average of 500,000 pieces every month!!!

-First class mail sends out 3,000-5,000 pieces a day.

-We have around 300 packages come in every day.

-Every flier you receive (and hopefully look at!) comes through Mail Services.

Another service they offer is MTC delivery. You get a package to Mail Services by 3pm and it's delivered that same day. What could be better than a happy missionary?!

So next time you see Brad Prescott or one of his mail employees, know that they are kicking tail getting the goods in and out all around campus.