Thursday, May 30, 2013

Campus Showcase Highlights BYU Print & Mail

Thom Roylance happy as ever to say hi.
We were very excited and honored to be invited to the Campus Showcase this year. Just a handful of departments are invited each year to showcase what they are all about and most importantly what they do for the campus community.

Thom Roylance, Print & Mail's Assistant Director, was joined by June Standley and Paul Snyder, to host the Print & Mail table. They had tons of products to show to the hundreds and hundreds of campus faculty, staff, and administrators who stopped by. Printed products included magazines, text books, journals, thesis, booklets, pamphlets, our giant printed backdrop, wedding invitations, etc., and a few really cool items that were created on our new laser engraver, all created right here at the University Press Building!
June handing out note pads and pens.

It's great to see friends from campus. Just look how excited Thom is!
It's great to be able to rub elbows (literally!) with the great folks from the BYU campus.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Open Access Printing

East Campus Dr, minus the walkway!
This beautiful month of May has seen a lot of change going on around the campus. The destruction of the walkway across East Campus Drive, heck, the disappearance of East Campus Drive between the Wilk and the Law Building, Y View becoming part of "MTC West" and now.... we have taken over Open Access Printing on campus!

OIT decided that they wanted to focus on what they do best, and left printing to, well, the people who know just a little something-something about printing. We are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible and are hoping to avoid any huge hiccups in service. So far things are going pretty well.

Open Access Printers. How can we improve?
If you have any suggestions of how we can improve the Open Access Printing experience, please let us know! We want it to be as easy as possible.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Youth Event Journals

For a few years now we have been providing Seminaries and Institutes with Scripture Journals for their students. We were quite surprised how many Seminaries & Institutes from all around the world started ordering them! (And they will soon be available in numerous languages)

Anyway, we started noticing that folks were buying them for their ward and stake youth activities, so we decided to create journals specifically for Girls Camp, Youth Conference, Scout Camp, and Trek.We call them Youth Event Journals and they are now available for any ward or stake (or individual for that matter) and can be ordered using a Unit Number. Visit our Print & Mail website or give Diane a call at 801-422-2809 if you have any questions.

June, our graphic designer, did a great job in creating beautiful journals that are quite stunning!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family History and Roots Tech

We set up the camera at our last Printing Your Family History Workshop and captured Carol's presentation. There's a lot of useful "general information" if you are trying to put together any other type of book, too; you know, it all translates.

You can also access our Guide to Printing Your Family History by clicking here.

One of our employees used our photo book program CougarPix to create a pictorial history of his parents and ancestors. So, there are lots of ways you can get started on Family History!

We are also excited to be involved with Roots Tech on March 21-23 up in Salt Lake City! A couple of our folks will be there manning a booth, showing off all kinds of samples of histories and giving people ideas of how they can put together an awesome family history! Make sure you stop by and say hello.

And as always, call us if you have any questions about printing your history! 801-422-2741.