Thursday, November 15, 2012

Martha Gunter- New "Campus Mail Supervisor"

Did you know that there's a new Campus Mail Supervisor in town? With the retirement of Brad Prescott, whose 13 years of dedicated service are greatly appreciated, Martha Gunter has enthusiastically stepped into the role and is already rocking and rolling! Here's a little about Martha--

Martha has been working at Print & Mail for the past 5 years as a mail sorter.  She's been married to Pat, who works in the bindery, for 19 years, they are parents to 5 children and 6 grandchildren (though you would never know it by looking at them... how do they stay so young-looking?!)

Martha's favorite part of her job is getting to know the students she works with. "I feel like they are my own kids; like I am a mom to them. In fact my own kids get jealous sometimes because I make stuff for the kids here and they wonder why I'm not making it for them!"

Martha's philosophy on life? Simple - "Always do your best no matter what it is; cleaning trash or being president of the United States."

What mail tips does Martha have for campus? "Make sure you have a proper address. And if you aren't sure what building people are in, give us a call. We love to help!"

What's on her playlist? "I like all kinds of music, well, except Gansta Rap. But mostly I'm listening to talk radio! I hope people won't judge me because of that!"

Martha's favorite thing about BYU is the spirit here. And the people. "Everyone's friendly and try to take care of each other. It's a nice community."

Martha walks about 4 miles a day delivering mail. So next time you run into Martha, congratulate her on her new position. She is awesome!!!