Thursday, March 31, 2011

Printing Your Family History Workshop

Have you thought about writing a Family History or have actually been working on one and are now wondering about printing it? What type of binding should you do? Hard binding, perfect binding, coil binding? Wondering if you have scanned your photos at the right dpi so that they'll look good when they are printed? How about submitting it all to get printed?

Carol Holland, BYU Print & Mail's Family History Consultant, will be hosting monthly workshops to answer these and many other questions about printing your family history. She will also have numerous examples of histories that we have printed to give you ideas for layouts, and a general feel of what you can do with your family history.

Carol has years of experience and has helped hundreds and hundreds of people get their files prepared and books printed. She also represents BYU at multiple Family History and Genealogy Conferences throughout the region and has taught at many of these conferences. She is always happy to share her wealth of knowledge and experience to help people get their stories printed.

Please join us the first Wednesday of each month from 12:00-1:00 here at the University Press Bldg. (701 E. University Pkwy. across the street from the Harmon Bldg.)

First one will be held April 6th. Sign up at to reserve your spot (seating is limited to 30).

We will have some refreshments, too. Hey, food makes us happy!

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