Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Print AND Mail

You know, sometimes we focus on all the creative things here that get printed, or on the innovative ideas and processes, yadda yadda, and don't give Mail Services the love they deserve! They are consistently, day after day, picking up and delivering packages and the mail all over campus.

Here's some info about Mail Services that you probably didn't know:

-They ship out an average of 600 packages via UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL every week. (That's NOT including all the Independent Study packs that go out Fed Ex every day!)

-Production mail prepares and sends out an average of 500,000 pieces every month!!!

-First class mail sends out 3,000-5,000 pieces a day.

-We have around 300 packages come in every day.

-Every flier you receive (and hopefully look at!) comes through Mail Services.

Another service they offer is MTC delivery. You get a package to Mail Services by 3pm and it's delivered that same day. What could be better than a happy missionary?!

So next time you see Brad Prescott or one of his mail employees, know that they are kicking tail getting the goods in and out all around campus.

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