Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Not Being Lazy... It's Being Smart!

We have created a wonderful website called Cougar Prints, that when people see you using it they may accuse you of being lazy. And it offers so many cool options that you may never want to use your own printer again!

Just go to and click Start My Order! (You can even watch a short tutorial if you would like to see how it all works).
Our "How To" cards available at all Copy Centers

Choose what type of project you need printed; just a quick print job, or have your documents coil bound, stapled, or folded You can print posters, or even family histories.

Upload your files and start choosing how you want your project to look. Cougar Prints offers black and white or color printing, single or double sided printing, and numerous paper sizes and colors to choose from.

You can then you choose to have vinyl covers for your document (and from a number of colors, too). You can even have your document laminated, or 3 hole punched.

You choose what Print and Copy Center across campus you would like to print your files and pick it up, or, and this is one of the nicest parts of this whole deal, your completed documents are delivered to any campus department for free! That's where the laziness issue may arise.You never have to leave your chair!!!

Give it a try, but be prepared for the looks you might get from your co-workers as your documents are delivered right to your desk!

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